CommUnity Bubble

Energizing Community Spirit

What's a commUnity Bubble?

It’s a coming together to talk about community spirit. Is a fun, safe, and neutral space to enjoy and build relationships. In fact it’s an amazing space for sharing. It’s a way of finding out how best to look out for each other, and what practical actions we might take.

Who's in the commUnity Bubble?

Everyone. Anyone. It’s for you, your community ( whether that’s a place or an interest), and it’s for those you need to help you take practical action.

Why hold a commUnity Bubble?

There’s a lot of friendliness, and concern for each other, but there’s not so much coming together in community. A commUnity bubble will build community and Unity about the things that are important and meaningful to those that meet and talk. There’s no expectation other than to respect each other, listen and be listened to.

Where and when will you find a commUnity Bubble?

Literally anywhere and anytime. 3am night shift in a factory-bring it on! Already held in a refugee cafe, Glasgow Green, Chapelle Crescent ( street in Tillicoultry), SQA offices, Bo’Ness miners welfare centre, and Charity Hub. We know people want to help out, and we’re reaching out to those that are normally ignored and it’s where and when that suits YOU and your folk.

How do I create a commUnity Bubble?

Contact us. We have the fabulous commUnity bubble tents and range of activities and people to help your conversations. There’s no fees but you may have to help meet some of the costs which we’ll try and make free if we can. Enjoy!

Congratulations! You have been bubbled.

Get in touch with us for more information and to find out how commUnity Bubble can help you and your community. Email us.